Monday, October 10, 2016




Federal Job Results is committed to providing the most knowledgeable, experience-based, and results-driven guidance through the entire Federal and Federal Contractor application process to current Federal employees and to civilian and military professionals seeking new careers in the public sector.


Federal Job Results (FJR) is recognized as the nation’s leading organization in public sector career support and job placement. Through the services provided by FJR, current Federal employees and civilian and military professionals seeking federal government positions are successful in developing the requisite knowledge, skills and strategies to identify, pursue, and secure the positions best suited to their abilities and goals.  


The mission and vision of Federal Job Results are based on the following values:

          The staff of Federal Job Results is committed to building a trust-based, highly collaborative relationship with every client. We believe that the success of the process of constructing a resume and securing a position that is ideally aligned with an individual’s strengths is based in large part on the mutual respect and cooperation of client and staff. We strive to build long-term partnerships with our clients so that they see us as a trusted advisor throughout their search process.


          The staff of Federal Job Results is committed to establishing and maintaining a professional relationship with their clients. We recognize that initiating a job search can be a stressful and complex process. Therefore, we strive to be simultaneously supportive and instructive throughout the job search life-cycle, while maintaining total confidentiality of all information shared with us. We present no information to potential employers without consent, and we thoroughly safeguard all client data. 


          The Federal Job Results team brings more than 45 combined years of experience to the federal job search process. We leverage this first-hand knowledge in every step of our clients’ experience to ensure that they secure interviews with the agencies and positions most compatible with their strengths.


          The staff of Federal Job Results is committed to enabling our clients to develop the strategies to move from unemployment to employment; from private sector to federal sector; and/or from one position level to another. We strive to enable our clients to emerge from the job search process in a place better than the one in which they began.

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